Bride and Groom Skin Care Advice

How To Get That Newly-Wed Glow

Brides and Grooms – prep your skin to perfection for your wedding day, allow your skin to be radiant and glowing. I’ve put together a little skincare guide on how to achieve the ultimate skin radiance for your wedding. 

Cleanse: Cleanse the skin with a skincare wash or creamy cleanser suitable for your skin, cleaning the pores will a cleanser will not allow them to enlarge or stretch so when your wedding day comes around the skin will look visually more youthful. Switch to a cream cleanser in the winter months and a cleansing wash in the summer months.

Tone: Toning the skin refines the pores and acts like a secondary cleanser. This is an important part of skincare for a bride and a groom on the lead up to the wedding.

Exfoliate: This is one of the most important steps of skin care. Exfoliating the skin will buff, polish and deflake dry dead skincells.This resurfacers the skin for grooms to have the most perfect smooth skin and brides to have flawless looking smooth skin, it allows the foundation to sit better on the skin rather than sitting on micro dead skin cells.You can use a flannel or an eco friendly scrub and use circular motions on the skin.

Moisturise: Moisturising the skin is so important, especially in the winter months. Cold and wind strips the skin of moisture and that’s when surface expression lines can be more visible on the skin. Up a high level of hydration on the skin. I highly recommend the Clinique moisture surge skincare range for the ultimate in hydrating the skin. This is an oil free cream-gel texture suitable for both men and women’s skin.
Eye cream: Eye cream is really important to hydrate around the delicate eye area. You only need a pea size amount and it can be circles in towards the eye and applied in a figure of eight motion around the crows feet area or smile lines. In the summer months it’s lovely to keep an eye cream in a fridge, don’t forget some invigorating cucumber on your eyes too!

Lips: There’s nothing worse than dry lips, you want the most luscious, smooth lips on your wedding day. In the winter they go very dry and need a lip balm or protection. Look at the paw paw ointment or the Manuka doctor lip balm or oil. It’s an essential and needs to be applied liberally for smooth kissable lips on your wedding day.If lips are really dry just use some brown sugar with a little coconut oil to gentle deflake them. Wipe away and apply your lip balm.

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